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Company Introduction

100% Pure Wholesale Gemstones from Tanzania

Wide Span Gemstones & Minerals Co Ltd. is a Tanzania based mineral trading company, which specializes in the dealership of the extremely high-quality wholesale gemstones. It possesses a substantial amount of dealership gems falling under the categories of Feldspar and Zoisite including: the gem in blue color, surrounded by a delicate hint of purple, Tanzanite; the gem with moonlight reflection, Moonstone and the shimmering Sunstone . The company manages a spectacular scale of mining project with considerable top rank mineral reserves in the United Republic of Tanzania. Mererani, which is quite popular for the extraction of famous Tanzanite stone, is the company’s only site of operation and has significant potential to make significant purposeful business synergies to the contentment of our clientele.
Wide Span Gemstones and Minerals have successfully been operating since 2011. It started its business as a sole proprietorship using the same name but with the passage of time, the business started growing remarkably, and its founder converted the business into a legitimate well-organized company. Thus, Wide Span Gemstones and Minerals Dealers Limited was incorporated on 20th August 2015.
Conversion from a sole proprietorship into a company was indeed an evolutionary step for Wide Span. It synergized its past experiences as a successful sole trader with its corporate strategic capabilities for further growth. As a result, the company achieved a cutting edge and cutthroat potential as an unrivaled player in the market. The collective efforts of its visionary management resulted fruitfully. The company has not only captured the local markets but also has successfully been exercising control over domestic and international markets.


The company performs in strict compliance with the laws and established ethical standards applied in the market. Furthermore, we have been working under the philosophy of transparency through which we can easily win the confidence of our customer on our products. In this regard, we are duly registered with the registrar of companies through certificate of incorporation No. 119641. We are registered tax payers through certificate of tax payer identification with No. 2158164 and we have a business license No. 01585063. Additionally, we are registered members of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce [TCCIA] and the Tanzania Minerals Dealers Association [TAMIDA]. Thus, your valuable transactions with us are safe and guaranteed.

We are a company who promised to provide services to your satisfaction with no compromise on quality. Our aim is:
• To offer delicate, precious gemstones and quality services to our corporate and individual customers.
• To offer the uniqueness shaping and blue of Tanzanite, we are managing to be the best.
• To set up and maintain a relationship to provide this rare gem to its valuable customers and clients.
• All unique colors possess its natural and luxurious value which makes this shimmering gemstone rarer than Diamonds.
• To guarantee a never-ending satisfaction to its precious blue and royal Tanzanite clients/ customers who are growing our family.


The Vision of the company is to become one of the leading, trusted mineral dealer of Tanzanite and Feldspar national and internationally.


We have dedicated ourselves to care and safely provide this nature’s gift of shimmering and natural glittering attribute to its people keeping the factors of legal, ethical and uncompromised service to provide never ending satisfaction.


USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Wide Span is saving the nature’s gift with its advanced mining and unearth technology where all the attribute of Gems and Stones will remain natural with never ending satisfaction.


Tanzanite is a tremendous gemstone. It exists in only one place worldwide. This gem is blue in color, surrounded by a delicate hint of purple that blooms its uniqueness to a superior level. It has very quickly become one of the most demanding and dreamy gemstones in the world.

Moonstones are partly transparent shining stones used as a gem. It is known for its incredible beauty coupled with a complete reflection of moon’s light. Moonstone has some mystical qualities that could unleash a fortune for the special ones. It is believed that the stone can:

• Bring positive feeling
• Bring better fortune
• Enhance intuition
• Bring success to personal and professional matters.
• Bring strong feelings for business travels and tourism.

It is a Stone of Leadership - of personal power, freedom, confidence and positive energy completely reflecting the positive attributes of light. It brings modesty, kindness, responsiveness and warmth. Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family and is named as the sun for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle in the sun light. Sunstone is mostly clear and transparent, or opaque, and is available in different shades in the market. Clean red are mostly more precious and rare available